Best Black Shows on TV: TV’s Second Browning

If the art (visual, performing, conceptual...) we consume is always from the same sources, our vision becomes myopic.  We are at our best when what we consume reflects the world in which we live, varied, diverse. Give me Living Single over Friends any day of the week and twice on Sunday! This by no means … Continue reading Best Black Shows on TV: TV’s Second Browning


Why Monique Scares Us…

The first time I saw Monique (Angela Hicks) I immediately identified with her. She  inhabited many of the categories I have been assigned: fat, black and kind of pretty given the first two. But she has the one thing I could never muster for very long. She had the electricity of confidence and she delivered … Continue reading Why Monique Scares Us…

What is the Best New Supernatural Show?

Supernatural (The CW), Teen Wolf (MTV), The Magicians (SyFy), Wynonna Earp (SyFy), Cleverman (Sundance TV), Penny Dreadful (Cinemax), Grimm (NBC) Ash vs Evil Dead (SyFy), Shannara Chronicles (MTV/Spike), Van Helsing (SyFy)... The Explosion of Supernatural Shows on TV is exciting. Though generally classified as horror or fantasy these shows explore the lore of the unknown without delving into science fiction. Supernatural shows are B movie/tv fare. They lack the budget or attention with which science … Continue reading What is the Best New Supernatural Show?

Queen of The South’s Disappointing Season Finale!

Endings are significant. More so when memorable. They form scatter plots of our lives. We all have them with varied data points: graduations, trips, relationships, jobs, television shows... Who can forget the unexpected endings of The Wire, Sopranos and Lost. Good or bad, endings, even en media res, must satisfyingly bring some story points to conclusion. … Continue reading Queen of The South’s Disappointing Season Finale!

The Disappearing Dark(black)ness Syndrome Persists

From racism to colorism and nepotism, people of color (POC) have long been shut-out, sidelined and minimized in Hollywood, the entertainment business. The current prominence of black creators and performers is reminiscent of the nineties when The Cosby Show, A Different World and Living Single ruled the airways, remember Girlfriends did not air until 2000. … Continue reading The Disappearing Dark(black)ness Syndrome Persists

The Most Peculiar Year of Emmy Nominations and Snubs

Assessing new shows to add to my ever dwindling entertainment pack is a pastime. As a rabid viewer I watch like a doctor, searching for symptoms to determine the most valid diagnosis: strong story, weak characters, poor directing, lackluster casting...  There are so few shows that I watch to completion, episode or series. The majority … Continue reading The Most Peculiar Year of Emmy Nominations and Snubs