Clichés, Tropes and Narratives Oh My!

Unmuting tennis commentators can be as dangerous as reading trite tennis writers. Their goal is completion, match and deadline, not the museum of thought. Their prose can't be mistaken for poetry. They traffic in dreaded clichés, tropes and narratives, delivering formaldehyde to our collective sport brain. We have gone from three channels to digital boxes guaranteeing information overload. … Continue reading Clichés, Tropes and Narratives Oh My!

Limitless: From Bland to Experimental

CBS’ Limitless is a sequel to the film which starred Bradley Cooper in 2011. The series begins several years after the film. Eddie Morra has become a senator (Bradley Cooper) and NZT is once again available in NYC. Enter Brian Finch (Jake McDorman) a shiftless man-child whose life is forever changed after he takes NZT and becomes … Continue reading Limitless: From Bland to Experimental

After Lemonade: #Real Relationship Goals

When the reality television boom began in earnest, I did not flock to it. I automatically equated it to fool’s gold; glittery with little value much like soap operas and novellas. The genre’s ‘unscripted’ dating, relationship and competition shows troubled me: The Real World (1992), Making the Band (2002), Bachelor Franchise (2002) The Real Housewives … Continue reading After Lemonade: #Real Relationship Goals

Immimnent Death?

Television ratings have been experiencing arrhythmia. They have been irregular, rhythmless. Even ratings juggernauts Empire, The Big Bang Theory, Modern Family, and Scandal have seen declining ratings. This is sending tv and ad executives to the ER seeking immediate fixes to avoid infarctions. Ironically, they would all be elated with tachycardia ratings; bradycardia would be … Continue reading Immimnent Death?

One More Reason Melissa Harris-Perry is The Public Intellectual We Need

The void is deafening. I filled it with music. His music. I sat contemplating the impact he has had on my life. He did not compare in immediacy to Luther Vandross, who I loved the first time I heard his voice. He has not traveled the now near ---- decades with me like Soca and Salsa … Continue reading One More Reason Melissa Harris-Perry is The Public Intellectual We Need

Empire’s Dilemma

Are Empire's creators as lost and misguided as critics believe, or are they capitalizing on social media commentary  and hate viewing? Empire is many things simultaneously: prime-time soap opera, comedy, musical, mystery, family drama... Well into the second year and third season, the show has not quite gelled. It's ratings are declining. The thrill is gone. The show is becoming … Continue reading Empire’s Dilemma