Clichés, Tropes and Narratives Oh My!

Unmuting tennis commentators can be as dangerous as reading trite tennis writers. Their goal is completion, match and deadline, not the museum of thought. Their prose can't be mistaken for poetry. They traffic in dreaded clichés, tropes and narratives, delivering formaldehyde to our collective sport brain. We have gone from three channels to digital boxes guaranteeing information overload. … Continue reading Clichés, Tropes and Narratives Oh My!


Unmuting Tennis Commentators

Bud Collins is the father of tennis journalism; Sports Illustrated described him as the tennis historian and the American voice of the sport in print and on TV for decades. With his passing on March 4, 2016, it is unlikely that we will ever have a tennis journalist with his panache and skills. Let's take a … Continue reading Unmuting Tennis Commentators

Venus: Resurgence, Convergence or Destiny?

Venus Williams' career has never followed a predictable or traditional tennis trajectory.  Still when she announced her Sjogren's syndrome diagnosis in 2011 most began drafting her tennis obituary.  They shook their heads or laughed as she said time and again that she would play until Rio 2016, at a minimum. It has taken years for her to … Continue reading Venus: Resurgence, Convergence or Destiny?

Tennis’ Love-Hate Relationship with the Revolutionary Serena Williams

Many were tuned-in to Serena Williams' Calendar Slam run as a historic cultural and sporting moment. If she had won the US Open, it would have been her fifth consecutive slam and 22nd career slam. It was not to be. Serena lost to the pressure and nerves of the moment not to opponent Roberta Vinci in … Continue reading Tennis’ Love-Hate Relationship with the Revolutionary Serena Williams