The Carmichael Show Hits it out the Park

I had never watched The Carmichael Show before tonight. In its third season, it opened with a double-header, "Yes Means Yes" and "Support the Troops." Like Cosby and many comedians, Jerrod Carmichael is the creator, executive producer and star. The show is centered on his family and live-in girlfriend. Both episodes were insightful and captured Carmichael's … Continue reading The Carmichael Show Hits it out the Park

In TNT’s Claws, Niecy Nash Leads the Manicure Mafia

At forty-seven, Niecy Nash is an anomaly. Black. Full-figured. Talented. And consistently working in Hollywood. From hosting duties on Clean House to her zany Deputy Raineesha Williams on Reno 911 or the countless other roles on her lengthy resume you know that she can deliver a lethal quip or kind word with perfect timing. Her career … Continue reading In TNT’s Claws, Niecy Nash Leads the Manicure Mafia

The Black College Narrative: From Hillman College to California University (LA)

In a year when President Trump and Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos are lampooning Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) in our nation's hallowed halls and at graduations, the black college narrative is even more important.  When Ms. Devos said, "HBCUs are the real  pioneers when it comes to school choice," it was clear that for her … Continue reading The Black College Narrative: From Hillman College to California University (LA)

If you are not watching Gomorrah… (No Spoilers)

Sundance TV is the little engine that could. It was the home of stories that mattered before AMC adopted the now famous tagline in 2009. Brainchild of Robert Redford, it has showcased indies and documentaries before they became a cottage industry in Hollywood. Since 1996 it has had a number of partners Showtime Networks Inc. … Continue reading If you are not watching Gomorrah… (No Spoilers)

Are you Suffering From Series Fatigue?

During this age of prestige television there are a lot of great shows available. FoMO, fear of missing out, leads to Series Fatigue. This ailment is seen globally but cases are at epidemic rates in Europe and North America. Its symptoms include vitamin D deficiency from marathon viewing, sleep deprivation/insomnia, weight gain, poor job performance and neglected family and … Continue reading Are you Suffering From Series Fatigue?

Limitless: From Bland to Experimental

CBS’ Limitless is a sequel to the film which starred Bradley Cooper in 2011. The series begins several years after the film. Eddie Morra has become a senator (Bradley Cooper) and NZT is once again available in NYC. Enter Brian Finch (Jake McDorman) a shiftless man-child whose life is forever changed after he takes NZT and becomes … Continue reading Limitless: From Bland to Experimental

After Lemonade: #Real Relationship Goals

When the reality television boom began in earnest, I did not flock to it. I automatically equated it to fool’s gold; glittery with little value much like soap operas and novellas. The genre’s ‘unscripted’ dating, relationship and competition shows troubled me: The Real World (1992), Making the Band (2002), Bachelor Franchise (2002) The Real Housewives … Continue reading After Lemonade: #Real Relationship Goals

Immimnent Death?

Television ratings have been experiencing arrhythmia. They have been irregular, rhythmless. Even ratings juggernauts Empire, The Big Bang Theory, Modern Family, and Scandal have seen declining ratings. This is sending tv and ad executives to the ER seeking immediate fixes to avoid infarctions. Ironically, they would all be elated with tachycardia ratings; bradycardia would be … Continue reading Immimnent Death?