Queen of The South’s Disappointing Season Finale!

Endings are significant. More so when memorable. They form scatter plots of our lives. We all have them with varied data points: graduations, trips, relationships, jobs, television shows... Who can forget the unexpected endings of The Wire, Sopranos and Lost. Good or bad, endings, even en media res, must satisfyingly bring some story points to conclusion. … Continue reading Queen of The South’s Disappointing Season Finale!


Not the One!

There he was in one of his two uniforms, in our early morning history class. His closely guarded secret  was widely known. It perfumed his uniform; wrinkled slate gray pants and a lackluster white shirt with a stained black tie that would become a focal point for daydreaming. The stench of him, of his uniform, … Continue reading Not the One!

The Disappearing Dark(black)ness Syndrome Persists

From racism to colorism and nepotism, people of color (POC) have long been shut-out, sidelined and minimized in Hollywood, the entertainment business. The current prominence of black creators and performers is reminiscent of the nineties when The Cosby Show, A Different World and Living Single ruled the airways, remember Girlfriends did not air until 2000. … Continue reading The Disappearing Dark(black)ness Syndrome Persists

The Most Peculiar Year of Emmy Nominations and Snubs

Assessing new shows to add to my ever dwindling entertainment pack is a pastime. As a rabid viewer I watch like a doctor, searching for symptoms to determine the most valid diagnosis: strong story, weak characters, poor directing, lackluster casting...  There are so few shows that I watch to completion, episode or series. The majority … Continue reading The Most Peculiar Year of Emmy Nominations and Snubs

Has Hip Hop Become the New Minstrel Show?

Is there anything more vile than blackface? Two centuries ago, they painted their faces with black makeup to approximate their understanding of blackness. These minstrels lampooned blacks as, "dim-witted, lazy, buffoonish, superstitious and happy-go-lucky." Some would argue that today hip hop and its appropriators are donning a new type of blackface. Today's creatives, or artists if … Continue reading Has Hip Hop Become the New Minstrel Show?

The Black College Narrative: From Hillman College to California University (LA)

In a year when President Trump and Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos are lampooning Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) in our nation's hallowed halls and at graduations, the black college narrative is even more important.  When Ms. Devos said, "HBCUs are the real  pioneers when it comes to school choice," it was clear that for her … Continue reading The Black College Narrative: From Hillman College to California University (LA)

If you are not watching Gomorrah… (No Spoilers)

Sundance TV is the little engine that could. It was the home of stories that mattered before AMC adopted the now famous tagline in 2009. Brainchild of Robert Redford, it has showcased indies and documentaries before they became a cottage industry in Hollywood. Since 1996 it has had a number of partners Showtime Networks Inc. … Continue reading If you are not watching Gomorrah… (No Spoilers)

Clichés, Tropes and Narratives Oh My!

Unmuting tennis commentators can be as dangerous as reading trite tennis writers. Their goal is completion, match and deadline, not the museum of thought. Their prose can't be mistaken for poetry. They traffic in dreaded clichés, tropes and narratives, delivering formaldehyde to our collective sport brain. We have gone from three channels to digital boxes guaranteeing information overload. … Continue reading Clichés, Tropes and Narratives Oh My!

Limitless: From Bland to Experimental

CBS’ Limitless is a sequel to the film which starred Bradley Cooper in 2011. The series begins several years after the film. Eddie Morra has become a senator (Bradley Cooper) and NZT is once again available in NYC. Enter Brian Finch (Jake McDorman) a shiftless man-child whose life is forever changed after he takes NZT and becomes … Continue reading Limitless: From Bland to Experimental