Why Monique Scares Us…

The first time I saw Monique (Angela Hicks) I immediately identified with her. She  inhabited many of the categories I have been assigned: fat, black and kind of pretty given the first two. But she has the one thing I could never muster for very long. She had the electricity of confidence and she delivered … Continue reading Why Monique Scares Us…


The Most Peculiar Year of Emmy Nominations and Snubs

Assessing new shows to add to my ever dwindling entertainment pack is a pastime. As a rabid viewer I watch like a doctor, searching for symptoms to determine the most valid diagnosis: strong story, weak characters, poor directing, lackluster casting...  There are so few shows that I watch to completion, episode or series. The majority … Continue reading The Most Peculiar Year of Emmy Nominations and Snubs

Are you Suffering From Series Fatigue?

During this age of prestige television there are a lot of great shows available. FoMO, fear of missing out, leads to Series Fatigue. This ailment is seen globally but cases are at epidemic rates in Europe and North America. Its symptoms include vitamin D deficiency from marathon viewing, sleep deprivation/insomnia, weight gain, poor job performance and neglected family and … Continue reading Are you Suffering From Series Fatigue?

After Lemonade: #Real Relationship Goals

When the reality television boom began in earnest, I did not flock to it. I automatically equated it to fool’s gold; glittery with little value much like soap operas and novellas. The genre’s ‘unscripted’ dating, relationship and competition shows troubled me: The Real World (1992), Making the Band (2002), Bachelor Franchise (2002) The Real Housewives … Continue reading After Lemonade: #Real Relationship Goals

Empire’s Dilemma

Are Empire's creators as lost and misguided as critics believe, or are they capitalizing on social media commentary  and hate viewing? Empire is many things simultaneously: prime-time soap opera, comedy, musical, mystery, family drama... Well into the second year and third season, the show has not quite gelled. It's ratings are declining. The thrill is gone. The show is becoming … Continue reading Empire’s Dilemma

Understanding Zola’s Empathy

Reading Anna Pulley's, "The Zola Show and Why It Was Hard to Look Away" I am not only baffled by her conclusion but also angered. Pulley explores many angles of Zola's twitter stripper-hoe narrative: social media responses, narrative style, sex-worker script, race, cultural desensitivity, story ownership and story veracity. She also acknowledges that, "we see depictions … Continue reading Understanding Zola’s Empathy