What Heals the Earth’s Soul?

On a blistering Sunday, I sat inside shielding my skin, my person from a blessing. When sheets of rains or heaps of snow descend we wish for the sun. When the wind whips about our possessions we bemoan its strength and ferociousness. Yet it is beautiful, warm, well hot and calm today and I cannot appreciate the vitamin D that it could impart on me, nothing to say about how it could help lift my waning spirit.

Then I listened obsessively to what has become my favorite rendition of Ray Charles’ Georgia on My Mind. When Francisco Murta sang it on The Voice of Portugal I believed in reincarnation, at least for a moment. Murta’s version is soulful and musically sophisticated even if it felt a bit like an impression, ie Jamie Foxx on Gold Digger; maybe he hasn’t found his musical style or voice yet. Listening for the hundredth time, I feel soothed, possessed of calm confidence and strength, hopeful again. Music heals our souls, but what about the earth, humanity?

Mark 8:36-37 For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? Or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?

We are in a perilous time with attacks on all fronts:  Dakota Pipeline, Paris Agreement, Arctic Drilling, Roe v Wade, affirmative action, Reversal of Obama’s Criminal Justice Reforms, Muslim Ban, Transgender Military Ban… This week Rep. Maxine Water’s deft handling of what could have been another Kamala Harris moment of disrespectful interruption led Mykal Kilgore to gift us with Reclaiming My Time. At less than two minutes, this song is not much more than an interlude yet it has captured the world’s attention. Infectious, spirit filled, informative and as catchy as any jiggle or top 40 pop song. Written in twenty minutes, this song uses Waters’ words and a nice serving of shade! Far outpacing Adam Joseph‘s dance version, Kilgore’s gospel song is the reclamation rallying cry of the disenfranchised. Its brilliance is its simplicity. Expertly using words from the House Financial Services Committee hearing of Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, Kilgore has created a song of resistance and hope. It will care for and heal our souls!

Reclaiming My Time by Mykal Kilgore

You want to talk about the things I have done but I am reclaiming my time.

Yeahhhhh, you want to speak on the battles I have won but I am reclaiming my time.

Ohhhhh yeahhhhh That’s not why I have brought you hear to share it I am reclaiming my time.

Yeahhhh don’t read my resume because I was there. I am reclaiming my time.

Ohhhhhh aaaaaahhhhh I, I, I,  I’m  reclaiming my time, yes I am, my time, every minute, my time, every second, my time, stop talking, you know the rules, when its my time, I can take it back, my time, oohhhhhh  I, I, I  reclaiming my time,

yeah, what about the letter, reclaiming my time, that I sent you way back when, reclaiming my time, give me the answer to my question, reclaiming my time, or don’t open your mouth again, reclaiming my time, oooooooooyeah, reclaiming my time, oooooooooyeah, reclaiming my time reclaiming and reclaiming, all of my time back

I am reclaiming my time (ad libs), oh yes I am





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